Divine Design

pexels-photo-122974Okay, so the most amazing thing happened today!  It all started yesterday, though.  I enjoy hanging my laundry out in the sunshine to dry whenever I am able.  My Grandmother used to do it and having her clothes pins each time I am hanging up or taking down laundry I feel a connection to her.  I mean, just think, when i was a child she was using many of the very same clothes pins that I am using now.  So I always feel really peaceful when hanging out or taking in the laundry on a Sunny day.

So I was out there in the back listening to the birds and taking down my laundry when I looked over in my neighbor’s yard and saw that the truck door was open and there was an older lady standing in the yard.  She took me by surprise, but was close enough for me to connect with her by saying hello.  So I was thinking that she must be my new neighbor’s Mom, but I was mistaken.  She let me know that she was the daughter of the neighbor across the road from me and that she had just moved in with her daughter and family.  She stepped closer to me and said that she was just coming to meet her neighbors and she asked if the one whose yard she was standing in was home.  I told her she probably was since her truck door was open.  Well, we started talking and sharing details about ourselves and getting to know each other.  I finally mentioned where I went to church and she said that she had gone there before and really liked the minister and his wife that they were “the sweetest people on earth”…I pretty much have to agree with that assessment!  If they aren’t the sweetest then they are certainly somewhere up near the top of the list for sure.

So this sprung a whole conversation about God and the Bible and our faiths…we spent an entire hour sharing with each other standing there by my clothesline.   I didn’t get anymore laundry off the line until after she left.  It was a most enjoyable meeting as I always enjoy sharing God with someone and she had some incredible faith testimonies to share.

Well, to be honest, MY Plan, was to take down my laundry quickly and go to the gas station and get gas for the mower and tractor and take a box to mail to my parents to the post office.  So, as usual, God’s Plan varied quite a bit from mine.  By the time the lady had gone back home the post office was closed and my husband was home from work a few minutes later.  I thought, well, I will just have to mail that package tomorrow; but how I enjoyed that hour.  You see I normally have most of Tuesdays spent with Bible study, one in my home and one in the evening…since it was the 4th of July I did not get that worship/fellowship time this week…so I had to wait until this coming Sunday…so I thought.  God was good to use this lady to provide that for me and for her.

She kept saying that she felt that even thought it was her intention to meet the other neighbor that the one God really wanted her to meet was obviously me at this time.

Now, all of this was amazing enough to me, but that was all yesterday.

Today I went to work and then thought that I would mail that box on my way home.  However, I had received new information that caused me to rethink this.  My Mom told me that one of my brothers was going to visit them this weekend.  I got to thinking that I would call and see if I could meet up with him and give him the box to take with him.


I finished my work, and then gave him a call.  He agreed to take the box. I asked him where he was located as he was working on a job site…now here is the Divine Design for sure.  I am only at that site once a month, and he is all over the place with his work.  When he told me where he was, and I asked where it was located…I said, wait…I am on that road too!  So it turned out I had to literally drive across the street from where I was working and wait for him to come out and get the package.  He had just finished up that job so he was ready to come out an reload his truck so neither of us were inconvenienced in the least.

I told my brother, “Now if this wasn’t by Divine Design today, then I don’t know what it was!”  I feel like God said, “Don’t worry about the Post Office, I’ve got it covered in a much better way!”

I just feel all warm and fuzzy whenever God does one of these caring acts like this…it reminds me that he really does care about every little thing in our lives…we just have to take it to him.


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