An encounter with a Dump Truck

ht1da7sfftaxxagofbxjA few weeks ago my Dad was out driving and he pulled out in front of a dump truck.  He says that it took the door off of the Murano he was driving.  It certainly caved in the side, and the door was off…we don’t know if it was off because of the crash or because of the rescue.  The Murano was, of course, totaled.  It was only about 8 months old.  My Dad has been having some trouble with his driving for a while now, but other than getting him to stop driving at night…well, he’s a pretty independent person.

I understand the feeling that a senior citizen must have when they have to face the fact that they need to stop driving.  My husband’s Grandmother was very mentally sharp even into her 90’s but she drove very slowly and only into the small town near where she lived by the time she was in her late 80’s.  My Mother in law recently stopped driving, but still hasn’t fully accepted it.  Anyway, as I said, I can understand how it must feel…empathize with them about it.

We all view the ability to get into a car and drive from one point to another as an every day thing…I think that most of us take it for granted….don’t give it that much thought….until we have to stop doing it.

Then suddenly you are forced to rely on others for things like getting your groceries, medicines, doctor’s appointments, just having a day out away from home.  It’s like the person is suddenly a child again in those terms.  I know I would hate this feeling.  It must be deeply depressing and distressing.  Especially, if those around you start treating you like a burden.

Now, both of my parents are disabled stroke victims.  My Mother only has the use of one side of her body.  For her to drive she would need some specialized automotive adaptations…I told her to check into that…I live too far away from them to be of help.  My Dad has been continuing to drive partly due to necessity.  They live in the country side so there is not a lot of delivery options for them or other transportation options like buses, etc.

After this recent accident, in which God delivered him with only a small cracked bone in his hip, which will heal on its own given time…though it will probably take a great deal of time as my Dad also has diabetes which I understand works against you in the healing process…anyway, after this accident my Dad was told that he should quit driving by someone in a more official capacity.  I was pretty happy when he told me that he thought he was going to have to quit driving…but he was still going to have a car.  I told him by all means he should go ahead and get  a Rolls Royce and hire someone named Jeeves to take him from place to place.  (This cannot be afforded at all, of course, but it was said to lighten the moment and let him know I understand!)  He immediately told me he could not afford a Rolls, but he just would get what he had before.  (Too bad, I would really like to ride in a Rolls from the 1930s -preferably convertible- just around the block once.  I think they are the prettiest car.)

Anyway, God used this accident which was a bad situation, for sure…to help my Dad to see what he needed to see, but had been unable to accept.  I am very grateful for this, and most especially for his keeping of my Father safe.  He is bruised up, and in pain, but he is doing a lot better now than he was…and they have a person who is staying with them and working for them around the house and doing yard work who can take them from one point to another.  My Mother was telling me yesterday that she was very excited that the young man drove her to the store for grocery shopping and apparently he had worked in a hospital before so he was very helpful to them with their limitations.  She sounded very happy, and my Dad sounded much hardier than I have heard in weeks.

IMG_1209She is still talking about when she comes to visit us again.  God bless them.  I am so grateful to God for his blessings.


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