A couple close calls

IMG_1317You know that sometimes we can have a moment where we look and say, “but I was just standing there….” with a dumbfounded expression on our faces..that “I am amazed to be alive right now!” type of knowledge.

This happened a couple years back, and then again a couple weeks ago.  These were to my mind, pretty wild events when you might start to think that the devil is really working to take you out!

A couple years ago, I was out putting out fliers for my house cleaning business.  My friend was along with me, and we had a few hundred of them to hang on mail boxes.  We were almost done…I walked up the street to the next mail box, hung the flier and then turned around and walked back over to the car where my friend was waiting.  Our practice was to do a street or two and then move the car unless we could do a circle and end up back at the car.  This particular street was not like that and as I said it was the end of the day almost….the last street we were on, so we were just getting in and out of the car and doing a few mailboxes at a time.  At any rate, as I was walking back to the car I heard  a noise, and turned around just in time to see a truck that had been parked up the hill roll over that very mail box that I was just standing in front of and flatten it into fire wood sized pieces.  There was a ravine down the hill and a man was chasing the truck trying to jump in the cab to stop it…but it was all too little to late.  I felt it was a blessing that he could not catch that truck because although it probably ruined his day, if he had missed he probably would have been run over by it.  So both he and I had the blessing of being divinely saved from almost certain death.  This was not a pick up truck, but a moving van sized truck…so it was very heavy.  I am sure the man was pretty upset as he had to get a tow truck to get it out of the ravine, and the truck was certainly damaged.  However, all I could feel was how wonderful it was to be taken care of by God so well that I was still unharmed.

Well, a couple weeks ago a similar type of close call took place.  My youngest daughter and I were at a State Park riding the horses and as we were going down a road toward a trail in the woods we heard a cracking noise.  I thought, “Oh a branch fell.”   My horse flinched slightly also.  So a couple minutes later we turned into the trail which was muddy, narrow and down hill.  I got about 10 feet into the trail and heard this tremendous cracking sound…my horse started jumping in terror wanting to flee…all I thought was…”yeah, we need to get out of here even though the down hill muddy run is dangerous…it seems that it would be more dangerous to stay”…Jessy was right behind and I was worried that she needed more room to get away from that sound also.  So both of us ran like crazy on the horses and heard as we ran another final falling sound.  Jessy looked back and told me that a tree had fallen 10 feet behind us on the trail.

I thought, “Wow!  That was close!”  Amazing thing is that another friend was supposed to go riding with us, and if she had there would have been three of us to have to get away from that area at once.  Now it is also possible that we would have been there earlier if she had gone as that was the plan, but it would not have been that much earlier. When you have an event like this happen there are all kinds of scenarios that run through your mind about timing.  However, the most important thought is that I was extremely grateful for God’s care and protection and that God would love me so much as to expend his power to care for me in such circumstances.


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