God’s long term plan for healing


When I was young I was very impatient…as the years have gone on I have realized that for most things I have become a much more patient person.  Now, I cannot say that I don’t have some frustrating moments, but I can actually see the changes that God has wrought in me.  I spend a lot more time praying about things that I am concerned about and a lot less time stressing and worrying over them.

I have noticed that this carries over to my friendships because whenever one of my friends is having some stress or anxiety I feel calm enough to attempt to help them with it a bit.

I have witnessed one of my friends go through a great time of healing with some of her family members.  This was a healing of a relationship which was broken off entirely, and many tears were shed over it.  My friend did not really believe that it would ever be healed.  There was a lot of prayer over this.

My testimony today is actually a testimony on behalf of this friend that during these holidays she was able to spend time with those precious family members and the healing of the wounds has begun in earnest.

God is really faithful to answer the desires of the heart of his people!  Praise the Lord, Always, Forever and ever! Amen.


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