Blessing for the Week

Les (Bub) Robinson 5th gradeI have had a wonderful day today.  I was in my new church and someone I really enjoyed who had quit my old church last Fall walked in with her little girl.  I have been at my new church for about 6 weeks now, it is really enjoyable to be with folks who are sincerely seeking to know God and share him with others in the same way (the not hit them over the head with it method) that I have always liked myself.

I was at my previous church for 15 years and it was really tough to try new churches and go somewhere else.  That being said, my old church has lost its focus on loving God and loving people.  A big building was built about 10 years ago and it has become the focus of the church, maintaining it and paying the the exclusion of God.  I didn’t leave because I have a hatred for anyone there, or because I don’t love them.  I really do love them, I have been struggling with leaving there for many years now.  Finally, the time was right, and the Holy Spirit and I were in agreement that it was time to go and find another place that I could truly worship him and learn more about him.

Everyone has a path to God and it is very individual.  I have left churches in the past, usually over some insurmountable doctrine that I could not find a sound Biblical basis for.  I am one of those folks who are usually the last one there when all others have fled…the person with their finger in the dike praying for the repairmen to come along and fill the hole.  This time, I didn’t want to be the one like that.  I am praying for the best for all of the members of my old church, but I just cannot be there anymore.

When I started the new one…it was with a feeling of peace and belonging right off the bat!  So I have been enjoying it very much.

Today, I went down to learn about how they did the children’s class and it was very comfortable there also.  I have something I can do here, and I love that idea.

Anyway, so in walked my Christian sister and her awesome little girl!  If that wasn’t enough to make my day, later my brother, whom up until last week, I had not seen in 3 years texted me again this week and wanted to know if I was going to be home.  I gave him my schedule for the day, and part of it was that I would be going to a Contagious Discipleship class tonight…he texted me back and said that he would go with me and he was bringing my niece.  I hadn’t seen my niece in even longer than it had been since I had seen my brother.  They did come and we all went together…it was absolutely awesome!  God is incredible to me!

After all these years, I am feeling like I have my brother back!  The nice thing is that my Mom feels the same way because she hadn’t had much contact either over the years.  He feels like the brother that I knew when we were kids..the one who had the wacky sense of humor and was his own person!

I can tell you that this has touched me to tears of joy!


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