God keeps the little birds

IMG_1344Today, I was out at the burn pile, and saw a mother bird fly away, but didn’t see a nest.  My husband came out and lit the pile up. I was pretty depressed about this, and told him I thought that a bird was nesting in there.  He said that he had not seen any bird when he went to light it or heard anything.

So I decided to hope and pray that the bird was just going after insects or something in the pile to make a nest.

Unfortunately, I heard a bunch of tweeting and saw a baby bird a while later walking around near the pile.  I thought, “Oh no! That means there was a nest!”  Then picked up the baby and took it over and set it away from the fire by one of our peach trees so his Mom could find him and take care of him.  Birds are really good about taking care of their babies where ever they are located. This baby bird was very near to fledging so I felt that it should be okay.  I put a few drops of water on its back to cool it off, and offered it some meal worms that I had for my pheasant babies.  It was not interested in the food (probably had just been fed before the fire).  I checked on it about an hour later and it was walking around in that area. So I went back to the work of cleaning stalls!

Well about an hour and a half later I was done with my work and decided to check on the bird again.  I walked by the burn pile, and heard chirping again.  I started looking around to see if I could find the source, figuring that it was a sibling to the other one.  Next thing I know I see a baby bird hopping around in the ashes (hot foot!).  I reached down and grabbed it out and cooled it off with some water, and put it over with it’s sibling.  This bird was a bit smaller than the other baby.  When I had picked up this bird its Mother was screaming at me from the yard…so she saw where I put it.

I walked back over to check and see if there were any other babies.  Then I glimpsed a half burned nest lying on it’s side at the edge in a branch that wasn’t burned.  It was an amazing sight because that burn pile really went up and was hot.

God heard my prayer that no baby birds would be hurt while burning our burn pile!  God is so gracious and caring…even for the little birds!  He protected them from harm!



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