Fellowship in an unusual place


I have read many articles on the troubles people have breast feeding in public places.  I am sure it is more difficult for some than for others.  In my case, it was not that I was worried about offending the public…after all it is a natural function…the thing that breasts were designed for in the first place….no, I was more worried about having a part of my body exposed to the world that was very private to me.  This could certainly happen when the baby latched on, or let go.  So I typically would look for somewhere more private to feed my daughter if at all possible.

This was back when ladies rooms in the major department stores in the Mall all still had sofa’s or chairs in them for ladies to rest on.  Those were the days for sure!  Recognition from the world that sometimes women needed to have a rest for whatever reason during their shopping expeditions.  I don’t know if the men’s rooms had anything like this, but I am guessing not.

On this particular occasion I needed a place to feed my daughter and had just settled down on the beautifully provided vinyl sofa in Sears Department Store and gotten down to business.  I had left my husband walking around the store…he was familiar with how long this took so was not concerned.

Anyway, my daughter and I  were both really starting to relax and enjoy the moment.  I can’t even tell you what I was thinking about at that time, when suddenly the most amazing thing happened.  This woman, a perfect stranger to me, came and plopped down on the sofa next to me and my baby.  She started talking to me and suddenly she mentioned God and we got to talking about our faith.  We must have sat like that and fellowshipped with each other for about 20 minutes or so.  She seemed to have all the time in the world to accompany me, just as if she was an old friend who had come out for the day to go shopping with me.  When I was finished, we both got up and went our separate ways never to meet again.

The lady totally distracted me from any worry about anything that I might have had with the other women coming and going with their packages and kids while I was doing the nourishing of my child.  I have to share that although this happened many years ago, it really stuck in my mind as a perfect gift from God to put that lady in that bathroom on that day at that particular time and give her the nudge to talk to me about her faith.  I have had other occasions of strangers stepping up to share a fellowship moment with me over the years, but this one really stuck with me.  When I left that restroom I was completely and totally refreshed from having shared that time of faithful fellowship with that woman.

The thing was that this was before I really started studying God’s word avidly so it was all the more wonderful to me that I had anything at all to share with her.  I mean, I was faithful to my beliefs, but really had a rather young faith…it had really just started to grow.  Her taking the time to sit and share with me boosted my faith in ways that I cannot express in words.  She truly shared the love of Christ with me that day just by being a companion to a young mother.



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